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ILO (International Labour Organization) Developing with jobs – II

2 Feb

Il documento 2/2/2015 (Summary of the World of Work Report 2014, Second Part)

(la prima parte è stata pubblicata il 29 genn. scorso)

121002104333hidden_jobs1To meet these challenges, it is essential, first and foremost, to boost a diversified productive capacity rather than just liberalizing trade …

The evidence presented in Chapter 5, including the case studies of countries that have successfully upgraded their productive capacity, shows that development requires a strategy to diversify the economic base and enhance the ability of sus­tainable enterprises to create quality jobs. Continua a leggere


ILO Developing with jobs – I First Part of the Summary of the World of Work Report 2014

29 Gen

Il documento 29/1/2015



“The findings of the Report suggest that sustained development is not possible without making progress on the employment and decent work agenda”

Developing countries are catching up with advanced economies …

The process of economic convergence between developing countries and advanced economies has gathered momentum. Between 1980 and 2011, per capita income in developing countries grew, on average, by 3.3 per cent per year – much faster than the 1.8 per cent per capita income growth recorded in advanced economies. This process of convergence has accelerated since the early 2000s, especially since the start of the global crisis in 2007–08. Continua a leggere

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