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The Evolution of Public Spending in the OECD Countries – Part I

11 Mag

by Arturo Hermann

  gdpThe impressive increase of the ratio of public spending on GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

One leading aspect of the economic evolution has been the long-term increase of public spending (PS), not only in absolute but also in relative terms, as shown by the ratio PS/GDP. This ratio has increased (OECD data) for the most important Countries from 5-10% of the XIX century, to 10-20% of the early decades of XX century, to 40-50% of the latest decades. Continua a leggere

L’informatica ci salverà dalla stagnazione?

24 Apr

Flash  23-4-15

downloadPatrizio Pagano e Massimo Sbracia nel loro “The secular stagnation hypothesis: a review of the debate and some insights” (Banca d’Italia, Questioni di Economia e Finanza – Occasional papers, n. 231 – settembre 2014), discutono l’ipotesi fatta da alcuni studi che gli USA possano tornare a una stagnazione secolare. Come scrivono nell’abstract, secondo questa ipotesi, “in the next 20 to 50 years, U.S. economic growth will be negatively affected by lower contributions of hours worked and education. But some studies also add that productivity could decelerate sharply and that GDP per capita, by focusing on the average household, neglects that income has already been stagnating in the last 30 years for the households in the bottom 99% of the income distribution.” Continua a leggere

Una nuova misura del reddito nazionale

9 Giu

di Clara Capelli  e  Gianni Vaggi

download (1)La nostra storia inizia nel Cheskam, remoto e poverissimo distretto nord-est del Nepal. Una zona di contadini e sherpa ai piedi dell’Himalaya, stravolta da una massiccia emigrazione dei suoi abitanti e ormai dipendente dal denaro che questi inviano a casa.Si calcola che oltre due dei ventotto milioni di nepalesi lavorino all’estero,  soprattutto nei paesi del Golfo. Continua a leggere

Two American epochs: Growing Together 1947-1979 and Growing Apart 1979-2012 (charts)

3 Apr

from David Ruccio [Documenti]

growtog Continua a leggere

Is global finance finally shrinking?

2 Mag

by Jayati Ghosh

from “Real-World Economics Review Blog, April 2, 2013. Shortened by “Sviluppo felice”.

fifthestate.co According to a new report from the McKinsey Global Institute,[1] … by 2007, global stocks of financial assets (both equity and debt stocks) amounted to $206 trillion. This meant that financial assets were more than 4 times the maximal estimate of GDP in developed countries in that year, and nearly twice the value of GDP in developing countries.  Continua a leggere

Two visions of Europe and how to tackle the crisis

28 Feb

  di Paolo Pini

euroIn Europe the policy of austerity has prevailed over that of growth, and a new term seems to become popular: “expansionary austerity”. This policy has been governed by a fundamentally liberal view of Europeanism, as opposed to a view interpreting Europeanism in terms of social market economy, as it was in the pre-Euro age when a stronger and more progressive vision of a Political Europe was on the agenda. Continua a leggere